Behind the Scenes: Our Father’s Day TV Ad

If you’re very observant, you might have seen our latest, and very exciting, Father’s Day TV ads on the small screen.

The PhotoBox and Wordley team spent 2 days in Cardiff setting up and creating the ad. Featuring Dad’s from the 70’s, 80’s and now teaching their kid’s to ride their bikes, it was certainly a lot of fun to film.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite ‘behind the scene’ snaps for you, plus a chance to see the full ad for on to find out more!

Day 1

Day one, and the weather had taken a turn for the worse in Cardiff, with belting rain & gusting winds being the order for the day. Luckily for us, we were shooting entirely indoors  for the day!

Arriving early, the team certainly made their prescence known in the house, with just about every room being filled with various team members, lights, costumes and more…


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We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a very cute special guest. They say that you should never work with children or animals, but luckily Liv & Chance were both fantastic!

Day 2

Day 2 saw us in rather glamorous location (complete with swimming pool), and thankfully the sun was shining for us. There were sighs of relief all around Cardiff, as all of our shooting was happening outside. Day2 1

The beautiful location for Day 2, featuring an authentic 70’s Ford Capri


We had such a great collection of bikes on the shoot. Any guesses as to which bike fits which era (with one extra bike for luck!)?

Our first set up for the day was the 70’s Dad teaching his little girl to ride her bike – our 70’s Dad had arrived with an impressive beard, which needed to be primped and preened into an even more impressive moustache.



…and after

Fathersday70s       Adriana Adriana checking she got her shot just right…

Next up, it was time for a trip to the park, and the sun was really shining by now. With the weather on our side, we only had to contend with several flocks of geese trying to get in on our shot, as well as a few friendly park-goers!

_SAM7314 Modern day Dad & daughter, (plus mum & Chance the dog) in the park

_SAM7309   Our very cute special guest back for Day 2

Now on to our third and final set up for the day – 80’s time!80s outfit details         80’s outfit detail – some subtle, some not so much! Do you remember your Dad wearing a similar outfit in the 80’s?

80s on set  Red rehearsing his bike scene, watching on the monitor, and the very tropical looking set – we promise this is still in Cardiff!

We don’t want to give anything else away, so we’ll just cut to the grand finale – our latest TV ad! We’re very proud of it, and hope you enjoy it too..

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