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Babys First year cropped

With the birth of the Royal Baby imminent and people waiting on the edge of their seats for the big announcement – we round up the best PhotoBox baby gifts that will have everyone ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’.

To celebrate Baby’s First Year

Nothing helps show off everything that happened in your new baby’s first year like a Photobook – a beautiful keepsake that captures all your best moments and can be treasured for years to come. They’re even something to revisit when your babies grow into toddlers, then into adolescents and adults and these Photobooks can be passed down through the generations.

Babys First year cropped

Never be apart

Sometimes you have to be away from your new baby, whether it be work or something similar. So we have the solution that means you’ll never be apart again – our smartphone cases. Whether you have a Samsung or an iPhone, you can create your very own case to your personal taste. Create a collage, add a colour background, or experiment with loads of different fonts – the result: a completely personal and unique case.


Something nice and cuddly

No baby’s bedroom would be the same without a beautiful, soft teddy for them to grow up with – but how about a Photo Teddy? Add whatever photograph you fancy onto teddies t-shirt, to make something totally personalisable and unique.


Something for the family

If you’ve got a lot of family members and friends whom you want to share the birth with, then why not create some Photo Keyrings. Quick, easy and effective – give them a keepsake that will help them cherish that beautiful memory whenever they reach for their keys.

photo keyring cropped

For the nursery

Finally, why not brighten the walls of your new baby’s nursery with something a little different – like a Canvas Print? We offer three different types: Lite, Classic and Premium. They also come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is a perfect fit for every room.


Did you create anything similar for your child’s birth? Do you have any different suggestions?

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