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As you know, we have been busy readying ourselves up for the big reveal, the day has come and we are excited. This is just the beginning; we have much more in store in the next few weeks, so watch this space.

What’s new pussycat?

  • New look homepage with easier navigation
  • Faster access to our product range from the homepage
  • Much cleaner and uncluttered homepage
  • A new look ‘My albums’ page with easier navigation

Remember this is the start of a whole lot of new things to come from PhotoBox.

So tell us, what you think of our new homepage?

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  • Hazel says:

    It all looks the biz. Nice and clean and with whizzy features.

    But… each website change seems to introduce extra steps and mouse clicks to get the job done. The initial change divided everything in the basket into groups so to check or change an item requires moving in and out of groups. There’s no overview to check that everything’s ordered in all the right sizes. This latest change has removed the list of albums from the My Photos list. An extra two mouse clicks to get to the same place.

    It’s a good job the photos still look good because ordering them has become rather tedious.

  • Jimbob says:

    home page is getting a lot better.
    on your books it would be a good idea for the insertion of the photographers name on the inside cover or the back page, what do you think?.

  • Chris Houghton says:

    Had several atempts to Watermark my Cruise ships album, it does some but not all.??

  • Darren says:

    I applaud your constant innovation, but my ‘home page’ is just a bunch of ads for your products and my album view page is exactly the same as it was before. Am I missing something?

  • Nancy Timms says:

    Hi photobox, I think your new look site is fab and more user friendly. I have just put together a collage and now I can upload directly from my pc rather than having to download to your website is much better. Keep up the good work photobox!

  • tb says:

    Where is the search box? That was really useful!

  • Angie says:

    Great – just a bit quick for me! the change of pics that is in the slide show.

    some of us are still a bit slow!

  • seamus says:

    no word of your prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris says:

    I voted “not” – there is nothing wrong with the new look I just don’t find it better than the previous.

  • I would like to inform that I have not yet received your photos from you. You emailed me a week ago telling me that you sent them immediately and so far they have not yet arrived. My home address is Athena, Stella Maris Street Sliema SLM 12 , Malta.
    I look foreward to rececive them from you soon.

    Yours truly,

    David Filippidis

  • Dear Sir,
    A week ago I orderd from you 200 photos and were sent immediately. So far I have not received them. Can you send them to me again?
    My home address is
    David Filippidis
    Stella Maris Street
    Sliema SLM 12

    Thank you for you co-operation

  • Tom says:

    I’m not a big fan of the change, it’s selling too much and has lost the personal feel of sharing photos.

  • Rob Jelves says:

    The homepage does not fit onto my screen? their is a scroll bar at the bottom! Pants!!

  • Herman Galea says:

    Much more easier to navigate and very user friendly.

    Well done!!!!!

    Keep up the hard work

  • It looks fab. Alot easier to find things and what you want. When going into each product the categories associated with them are easy to find and pick.

    All just alot easier, clearer and brighter – a good job

  • Helen says:

    An excellent easy to nagivate home page. Information clearly categorised for novices and expert users.

  • karen loader says:

    I have just sgned up on the advert free 40 photos when you sign up, but there is nowhere to claim these. help. thank you

  • T Mooney says:

    This the page has far too much going on. Prefer a more streamlined simple layout .

  • Iain Nicolson says:

    Hi, your new homepage LOOKS ok but I am not impressd by its functionality I’m afraid! I spent 15 minutes just trying to find how to view other peoples’ photo albums (not my own) and still cannot find how to do so. Can we not just have a simple ‘View Albums’ button or something similar? No doubt you will email me back and explain how, however the fact that I have to ask the question at all means surely others will have the same problem? (I am an IT professional by the way, and my work includes frequent software testing for user-friendliness, so I feel I can comment with some authority…).

    Other grumbles – why do the photos in my albums display in reverse order? I appreciate that you can change the order but it is irritating to have to do so every time. I also don’t like the fact that the Slide Show facility does not show the photo captions automatically i.e. you need a further click (and then close) to view each caption, which in my book effectively removes the ‘automatic’ benefit of the slide show.

    Please accept these comments as (hopefully) constructive criticism by the way!

  • Nige says:

    Why change? Seems to take much longer to load the home page – may look good but photobox’s success is built on user friendliness, quality products and quick despatch. You should stick to these core values.

  • Alan says:

    Like one of the earlier commentators, I’ve been looking for the ‘search’ box. I’ve tagged all my photos, but what’s the point if I can’t select them by tag name?

  • Look at Google … less is more …. there’s stuff and menus EVERYWHERE …

    and it’s introduced additional steps…….. a pain in the ++++ AND if I need to rotate 90 images out of 400, why can’t I just select them all from ONE page, rather than 20 pages …so slow and additional clicks and time galore which I don’t have …. and everything is running like TREACLE .. it’s sooooo sloooow now

    A week or two ago, it was annoying to have so many pages to see 400+ images, but at least when I clicked on next the images loaded almost instantly, now the server is called everytime just to load 20+ thumbnails … aaaargghhh!!

    Prints are excellent, and many of your innovations and tweaks are very good, but the customer user interface experience – especially for pro’s is poor ….

  • David says:

    Hi Guys
    I’m not a fan of the new look website yet, I guess I’ll get used to it. Seems you are having teething problems… Why does it now list photos in reverse order? This is extremely frustrating and even after re-setting things it just goes back again on the next visit. Why would anyone want to view their Holiday or Weddings photos from end to beginning??? There seems to be many things that have changed or not working properly… Please PLEASE fix asap!

  • Valerie Laud says:

    I have just spent ages ordering selected photos from my latest album (147 photos of which I wanted to print 36). It took ages because every time I went to the next page the machine decided to sort its own way (A – Z) when I like to sort oldest to newest. Why can’t I set that as a default? As it was I had to reset every page! Also, I always order 5″ x 7″ prints and that used to be available as a default, but not now.
    Luckily the photos I received today were as good as ever, but I don’t like the time it took to make this order.

  • I am fairly new to Photobox so therefore haven’t seen the old style. So far I am astonished not only as your excellant prices but also the customer service. On two occasions now I have had a complaint, this was resolved quickly, friendly and competently well done! Re: the Website. I’m sorry I really don’t like it, before you log in the home page is very busy, lots of moving content and is quiet confusing, personally I would like something a bit more minimalist, there should be a few customer testimonials on there not such a big print that changes quickly, to quickly to take in the information. I feel on initial view it all looks mind bogglingly busy. Once you get through to the your own member page, it automatically goes to your activity page, this is good. However I’m still not keen on the navigational tabs, however with a bit of time of course you can eventually get what you want. I hope this helps, apart from my negative remarks I’m very happy with Photobox.

  • Actually, looking at the messages so far I think Tom say’s exactly in a few words what I’ve said in loads. Well done Tom :).

  • Victoria says:

    It looks lovely, but as it’s not properly compatible with Internet Explorer 8, which was released by MS as part of an automatic update about 5 months ago, I can’t use it.
    I’m fed up, because I’ve used Photobox from the beginning and recommended you to lots of friends, but now can’t upload any more photos. I’ll have to go over to Kodak, which doesn’t offer such a good service. Am I missing something?

  • Although I have allways been impressed with your print quality and service the changes to your website over the last year or so have been a backward step in my view.
    I have set my preerences to sort albums by name but when I click the my photos tab my albums do not appear in alphabetical order so it can be quite difficult to find the album I want.
    My default print size is set at 6 x 4 but every time I order a print the size is set to 6 x 4.5 and I have to change this to 6 x 4 for every print.
    The search box seems to have vanished in your most recent changes so there seems little point in adding names or tags to images, I can’t even do a simple search by image number on the new site.
    The basket on your old site used to have all print sizes shown on one page complete with thumbnail images. Now if I order prints in 5 sizes I have to navigate 5 pages to review my order.

    Please can you not delete images from the basket after 15 days. I often add images to the basket as and when customers place orders with me. When I have sufficient prints ordered of I have a customer who wants an image quickly I go to the checkout and place my order, this may be more than 15 days after I added the first image to the basket. Leaving images in the basket for a much longer period would make life much simpler for me.

    I hope you will be able to address these isues in the near future, at least I can say well done for your print quality which is still excellent

  • sclayman says:

    The redesign using fancy AJAX widgets might look slick, but it much more difficult to use. The process is more ponderous than it used to be. The UI with all its pop ups is a real pain.

    Its basically new designers getting in there and missing the point about the workflow on the web. I guess after spending all that money on a rework, Photobox will not be going back. Remember, this is meant to be a functional site, so keep it functional. Leave the slick effects for other web sites.

    Being in the IT industry, and at the sharp end of web based systems. I have years of experience of this. My advice would be to modify the latest design so that the main workflow is easy to get to.

  • Emma says:

    i much prefer the new site, very snazzy (:

  • Reginald Ives says:

    Your website is useless it does not help anyone who has forgotten the password and that is essential. All it will tell me is that my email address is already in use and is because it is mine so I can not use your service again and whats more I do not want do. I shall look to see if this message gets on your site.
    Reg Ives

  • Andrew says:

    Nice new design but why make it more difficult to order prints?
    There’s no easy way to change the basket once the order process is entered into (I’m sure there used to be) and having found that your misleading “apply to whole basket” had resulted in a quadrupling of prints (instead of doubling) I had to start all over again – what a waste of time!
    Then when I chose to have the prints delivered to an existing contact address, at placement of order the delivery address was corrupted by additional address lines …. so I corrected it by re-entering the post code and lo and behold an address line that should be in the address was left out – I’ll expect a refund if the prints dont get delivered!
    Why did you mend something that wasnt broken???????

  • mark tat says:

    looks nice if only i could view my albums, the tab never works at first, things seem harder to get to. picking sizes etc when ordering is loads better

  • shirley fox says:

    just want to say a big “thank you” I placed an order yesterday @ 13:39pm & have this morning received my A3 print. The quality is absolutely fantastic.
    Your service is A++++++ THANK YOU.

  • Cathy Kingsbury says:

    why does the photo album no default to sorting the photos under “Name A-Z ” rather than “Date Modified (oldest to newst)”? I want my photos in date order instead of all over the place but there is no default button to do thi.

    Also, I have never been able to upload photos the easy way, only photo by photo which takes hours! Any clues as how to do this? I have tried following the “instructions” which say click on the yellow at the top of the bar but there is no such coloured icon.


  • Hazel says:

    Really dislike the new webiste altogether, excessive use of ajax and just throws up loads of errors, although these are becoming fewer. I use the service much less now. Takes much longer to complete a simple order.
    Not for me anymore….sorry photobox. Your print service has always been good, but your website has become a nuisance and now I think twice before coming back to order.

  • ilovegolf says:

    New site has several issues. main one is I cannot seem to get past the delivery page. I have used IE 8 and Firefox and cannot use it. Pathetic. I am tryign to order 106 photos but cannot. I have checked all mandatory fields but it does not allow me to continue.

  • Chris says:

    Very slow and as mentioned very tedious trying to order prints, far too many stages involved and no basket view without further clicking.

    I have dropped off the number of orders placed in rcent months due to the slow and not always user friendly website, preferring to use a different provider, sometimes I pop back but it only reminds me why I moved on.

  • tom bridge says:

    Having just signed up to this site to sell images through I am appalled by the speed at which progress is made. It has taken me the best part of a day to figure out how it all works and Im still second guessing at what does what. Why does it take SO long to refresh pages which are refreshed very quickly on other similar photo sites. The navigation is very unclear with regard to collections/pricing/sharing.
    Pleaseoh please admin staff sort this out or you will loose members by the bucket-load.

  • Ian Wrightson says:


    Just started on your site as an absolute beginner and yes it took me time-but my wedding album has had a v good response.

    Am I missing something as your site is seems v competitive?



  • lorenzo says:

    How do i change an album thumbnail image?

  • Steve says:

    I am trying to change t6he album thumbnail, when I use the help, the images don’t show and I can’t see how to do it, am getting frustrated!!

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  • Kelly Mitchell says:

    The watermark feature doesn’t seem to be working on my latest albums, why???

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