Five top photography apps….plus one from us

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With so many people using a smartphone as their primary device for taking photos, it’s no surprise that there are tons of photography apps available for iOS and Android platforms. We’ve selected five of our favourites, which help you to retouch and enhance your photos, or even add retro text and graphics.


Camera+ allows you to shoot like a pro! Whether you’re a professional, or it’s your first time using a camera – this app will help you appreciate every photograph you take. With the small price of £1.49, it really is worth the investment for what you get access to. It allows you to add different effects, borders and even use more in-depth tools like ‘Clarity’, which allows you to analyse your photos and make adjustments to bring the dull to life.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 15.45.58

This is a free app from Microsoft, which can help you capture stunning panoramic photos. There are a lot of panoramic Apps out there in App land, however this one stitches images together almost perfectly. Photosynth also has its own social community, so you can share your photos and get inspiration from other panorama enthusiasts.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 15.53.12

An app that takes you back to the 50s giving your photos a retro feel, you import your photos, cut them out using a simple alpha tool and then add retro-style themes, stickers and effects. The app supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 16.00.16

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 16.10.53

FaceTune is the No.1 photography and video app in over 100 countries, so we thought it was worth a look. It turns out that it’s great for editing portraits, as it enables you to emphasise features – such as the eyes, but you can also whiten teeth, give yourself a smoother complexion, add make-up and even reshape your face. Additionally, there is a tool that helps you to remove skin blemishes and you can even colour in bald patches.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 16.18.31

Over is a great app for adding creative text and artwork to your photos. It is really easy to use and the text can be edited to create different shapes and sizes. You can also add effects to the text, such as fading, while also being able to stretch and crop text and images. For more professional users, you can also upload your own type fonts.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 16.19.10

PhotoBox App

photobox-app-logo-v1Once you’ve edited your photos in these creative apps, why not use our very own free iOS PhotoBox app to celebrate them on a variety of different products. You can choose from 16 different products, such as a Canvas, Personalised Mug, Acrylic Block or case for your smartphone or tablet. Importing your images is easy and can be done from a variety of different sources, including: Dropbox, camera roll, Google+, Instagram, Facebook and photos saved in your PhotoBox account.

If you know of any other great photography apps, please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, get snapping!

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  • Stephane English says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t include PhotoLayers, Snapseed and Art Studio in your list!
    I like the look of Over, though, and I’m a regular Photosynth user.

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