11 examples of amazing optical illusion photography

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12 examples of amazing optical illusion photography

Taking great illusion photographs requires a lot of preparation and co-ordination. However, it is definitely worth it when the end result is a photo that leaves everyone captivated. We’ve compiled a selection of great photography illusions that truly wowed us, and we hope it will do the same for you too.

Illusion-optique-femme-NBSpread your wings and fly. © Noell S. Oszvald


What do you see? © Liammm


Apocalypse Now: Ant vs. attack helicopter… place your bets! © yourbrotherrex


Will you get this message in a bottle? © David Zaitz

bigger moon

High Five and reach for the moon! © Adrian Limani

Ballet skirt

A brand new style of tutu has hit the town! © terr-bo

Stepping on Stonehenge bigger

One small step for man, one giant leap over Stonehenge. © maybemaq


What’s your best side?

Olympic Logo

London we have a problem – it seems like the moon insists on joining the games too! © Luke MacGregor

Man playing with cars

Playing with toy cars can be as meditative as writing on snow in a Zen garden – mother’s advice. Via Julia Segal Time

Eiffel Tower

After a long day tolerating endless queues of tourists, the Eiffel tower would like to have its say! © Hughes Léglise-Bataille


Have you ever created great optical illusion pictures?

Which of the above photos did you like the best? If you can’t choose one then create a photo calendar so you can be immersed in a different optical illusion each month!


All photos were found on Pinterest and have been pinned to our ‘Illusion Photography’ board.

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  • DeeGee says:

    IMHO ….. As you’ve probably infringed the copyright of several of these image makers, it might be a good idea to at least name them……….

  • Kate Mellersh says:

    Yes, you ARE stealing images here. The top image of the bike wheel is mine and can be found originally posted on Flickr in 2008! It’s clearly marked ‘All rights reserved’. It’s posted here incorrectly titled and with a false copyright attribution. This is exceptionally lazy work tracking down image sources, and is basically copyright theft. Please remove this image.

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