The 100 Project: The Portraits

A few weeks ago, we told you about Hywel Jenkins, Naomi Turner and their wonderful charitable idea ‘The 100 Project’ – 100 (well, 108 now) portraits of people just like you. The only difference? They are all cancer survivors.

Last month, The 100 Project exhibited all of the portraits at Maggie’s Centre in Cheltenham, with PhotoBox providing the prints for the event. Read on to hear more about the evening from Hywel himself…

Maggie's Centre 1DSC_4763-2
‘’The exhibition at Maggie’s Centre really went down a storm, although, rather cleverly, Naomi and I managed to book holidays in the week leading up to the event, so we really didn’t leave ourselves much time to prepare for our first event – just a couple of days, in fact.

After a few hours of last-minute preparation, with Naomi baking various canapes and me setting up at Maggie’s Centres, and we were just about ready as people started to arrive. Hannah and her friend John were all set-up and ready to sing for our guests, the spread of nibbles looked rather enticing, and the Pimms was mixed & ready to serve.

Invited guests included regular Maggie’s Centre visitors and representatives from each of the charities we’re supporting. We were especially pleased to see so many of our ‘100s’ there. I say it a lot, I know, but it really is humbling to receive support such as this.

By the end of the evening I’d talked to almost everyone (except my Mum!). Time really flew by while I was chatting the evening away. Sadly I didn’t make it to the chocolate brownies before they were all gone – my loss! However, generous donations made on the evening added another £300 to the fundraising pot, and that makes us all happy!

I wanted to share a few of the portraits with you on the blog – while I’d love to share all 108, it just wouldn’t be possible (although you can view them all here). Below are 5 of our wonderful ‘100s’…

Ellis – ‘Although I, of course, love all of the portraits – this is definitely one of my favourites!’Ellis
Ellis likes KFC, Star Wars, swimming & rugby
Ellis dislikes brussel sprouts, puppies pouncing on him & Harry Potter

Jasmine – ‘The day after the event, little Jasmine went into hospital to have her chemo line (her ‘wiggly’) removed, marking the end of the harshest part of her treatment – she was very excited!’ Jasmine

Jasmine likes cupcakes, Lego, jigsaws & Peppa Pig.
Jasmine dislikes worms, stitches & broccoli

Hannah – ‘Hannah sang for us on the evening of the exhibition – she has a fantastic voice!’
Hannah likes singing, walking over the hills, good bread & hiding away at home.
Hannah dislikes unnecessary moaning, sorting out the washing & tomatoes

Nick – ‘one of the very first people to become involved with The 100 Project’
Nick likes big cities, eating out, shopping and Lego
Nick dislikes bad manners, wet weather, feet & TV soaps

Eloise – ‘I don’t take it lightly when I say Eloise is the most important person in the entire project – she said ‘yes’ and was our first portrait’Eloise
Eloise likes feminism, taking photos, proper coffee and taking photos
Eloise dislikes fake tans, small-talk, her husband’s obsession with football and paperwork

When we asked Hywel what the future holds for The 100 Project, he told us:

‘We’re pleased to say that we’ve moved forward quite a bit since the exhibition. We’ve recently launched our “#Selfies” feature, which lets people from anywhere in the world submit their own photos and stories.

We’ve also just launched “We Are Cobalt”. Cobalt is an independent medical charity, leading the way in diagnostic imaging since 1964, helping people affected by cancer and other life-limiting conditions. Donations the charity receives help fund scanning and diagnosis, research in areas such as cancer and dementia, cancer prevention talks, specialised nursing posts and much more.’

It sounds like there’s a lot in the pipeline for Hywel, Naomi & The 100 Project – we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on them and can’t wait to see what the next year holds!

To find out more or donate to The 100 Project, head to the site.

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